Multilingual support enabled for Stamicarbon OTS

Stami Digital steps forward in operator training simulator (OTS) software localization with the remote site acceptance test (SAT) of the high-fidelity OTS for Volgafert LLC’s new urea melt and granulation plant. The simulator software now supports training in English and Russian, offering plant operators the choice to use one of the two languages or switch between them as needed. Stamicarbon clients ordering an OTS can request for their simulator to be translated into all languages based on Unicode characters, enabling even more flexible, effective and efficient operator training.

“The development of the dual-language OTS for Volgafert opens up additional opportunities for Stami Digital to make our products and services more customized to our clients’ needs,” said Nick van Ast, Software Development Manager at Stamicarbon. “By adding this new functionality we can now support multiple languages for the OTS and have better compatibility with modern user-interface frameworks.”

Stami Digital OTS

About Stami Digital OTS

The OTS for end-user Volgafert is a high-fidelity custom-made simulator, accurately simulating the dynamic behavior of the plant (accuracy >98%). Equipped with an instructor station and several trainee stations, the OTS allows for individual or group training, where trainees can operate simulated version of the process with or without training scripts and scoring. 

Stamicarbon’s high-fidelity OTS allows operators to run unlimited simulations with the look and feel of the real distributed control system (DCS). An OTS with a high-fidelity plant model helps improve safety, prevent unplanned shutdowns and so minimize production losses, earning back your investment in under a year and in some cases within just a few days.