Urea plant of KIMA in Egypt successfully in operation

For the project teams it was a challenge, working in difficult conditions of Covid-19. Stamicarbon employees managed to support KIMA in such a way that they were able to run the plant properly and meet the guarantee figures, while the Stamicarbon staff returned home just before the lockdown and assisted them further via digital communication tools. The Tecnimont team stayed on site and had to take special precautions and find new solutions to secure the health and safety of personnel. The success laid in the fact that all helped each other 24/7 and worked as one team!



The fertilizer complex consists of:

  • a 1200 ton/day ammonia plant, using KBR’s Purifier technology
  • a 1575 ton/day urea melt plant, using Stamicarbon’s Pool Reactor Design
  • a 1575 ton/day urea granulation plant, using Stamicarbon’s Granulation Design

The plants are situated in the industrial area in the Aswan Governorship in Upper Egypt. With this project Stamicarbon now has 10 urea plants licensed and in operation in Egypt and the next one is already being designed!