Sittard, The Netherlands, Stamicarbon, the innovation and license company of Maire Tecnimont Group, has been selected as the licensor for the NeuRizer Urea Project (NRUP) in Leigh Creek, Australia, 550 km north of Adelaide. This will be the only fully integrated urea production facility in Australia, with all inputs (gas, power and CO2) for low carbon urea production on-site. 

Stamicarbon will deliver the Process Design Package (PDP) for the Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) for a 2850 mtpd melt and granulation plant. The urea plant will use Stamicarbon’s LAUNCH MELT™ Flash Design for the urea melt plant with a pool reactor and the LAUNCH FINISH™ Granulation Design for the urea granulation plant. 

The Flash design is one of Stamicarbon’s variants of melt concepts with improved energy efficiency that leads to a significant reduction in steam consumption. The fluid-bed granulation design is characterized by its low formaldehyde consumption, low dust and ammonia emissions, high product quality, and high on-stream times. The minimal equipment items result in a significant reduction of the footprint and the overall capital cost of the plant. Less equipment also allows for a reduction in maintenance costs and OPEX savings. 

Stamicarbon is selected as urea licensor for the NeuRizer project in Australia

Stephen Zwart, Stamicarbon’s Vice President of Licensing, said: “This is the first new grassroots urea capacity in Australia in decades. It is a genuinely solid project with an innovative concept that has been built from the ground up. We are proud to be contributing to carbon neutral fertilizer solutions that will help close urea supply-demand in Australia, supporting farmers and food production across the country.”

NeuRizer is committed to providing innovative yet responsible solutions to food production and wants to become Australia’s first carbon-neutral producer of urea fertilizer. The NRUP is a nationally significant project that will deliver low-cost, high-quality nitrogen-based fertilizer ensuring a secure supply for local and export agriculture markets. The decarbonization pathway for the NRUP is embedded in the FEED process to ensure that it is going to be carbon neutral from the first operations in 2025. 

Stamicarbon BV
Stamicarbon, the innovation and license company of Maire Tecnimont Group, designs and licenses fertilizer plant technologies, with urea, green ammonia and nitric acid being the core businesses. As pioneers with a higher purpose, they have a vision to help enable the world to feed itself and improve the quality of life. As a global leader in fertilizer technologies, they have licensed more than 260 urea plants and realized more than 100 revamping and optimization projects. With 75 years of knowledge and experience they offer clients customized solutions and services to maintain, improve and optimize plants in every stage of their lifecycle with a focus on sustainable fertilizer production. 

Stamicarbon’s headquarters is in Sittard, The Netherlands, with a sales office in the USA and representative offices in Russia and China. For more information:

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