The Challenge

Operations Advance  is organized within the Business Line Services, within the Stamicarbon Organization. The department is working in a project environment being responsible for managing all Advance projects, while at the same time delivering all relevant technological and technical knowledge and resources to define, sell, and execute the projects.

(Senior) Process Engineer

To prepare Process Design Packages (PDP’s) and related services and deliver support during the design, construction and commissioning of new plants within the Stamicarbon scope. To perform studies and prepare PDP’s for increasing safety and/or lifetime, and/or reducing the environmental impact and/or improving the capacity of existing factories To deliver support to sales activities e.g. by preparing technical proposals.

Main responsibilities include:


•    Prepare proposal package; Responsible for the process topology, design and operating parameters, mass & heat balances, Process Flow Diagrams (PFD) and guarantee figures;

  • Verify the proposal package; Verify that the design and engineering document of process Engineers are in accordance with the customer requirements and customer and Stamicarbon standards;
  • Prepare Process Design Package; Prepare the process design and process engineering part of the Process Design Package (PDP);
  • Verify the Process Design Package; Verify the design and the engineering documents form (Jr.) Process Engineers. Ensures and realizes the required quality and degree of professionalism in process design, process engineering, contractor guidance, client advice, training an plant start-ups support. Ensures that the client and contractors requirements are evaluated against financial- and safety consequences;
  • Support external DHS (Design hazard Study); Participate internal Design Hazard Studies (DHS), sometimes acting as a chairman of secretary. Participate in external held HAZOP studies, organized by the contractor/client;
  • (Pre) Commissioning & guarantee test; Pre-commissioning. Commissioning (start-up) and guarantee support;
  • Plant assessment Perform plant assessments and resulting revamp studies of existing plants;
  • Execute revamp study;
  • Revamp Proces Design Package;
  • Verification revamp study & process design package;
  • Execute equipment replacement; Review of relevant documents made by engineering contractors and equipment suppliers. Supply creative solutions in process and equipment design;
  • Verify equipment replacement;
  • Design guides and manuals; Participate in project evaluations and define improvements proposals, e.g. for process improvement and/or implementation of newly acquired knowledge in the process design manuals and/or guidelines. Change/update/extend existing design manuals and guidelines;
  • Pantents;
  • External publications;
  • External presenatations;
  • New technologies (IPL), StaCo & Product Management; Formulate process improvements or innovations and carry out these improvements by supporting the Project manager for a innovation pipeline project (IPL). Supports innovations and develops the know=how with regard to Urea plants and Adjacent technologies. Decision making in IPL committee. Verification new StaCo standards, Expert consultant for Product Plans;
  • Acquisition support; Support and be part of the technical negotiations with customers during the acquisition phase. Provides the technical appendices for license contacts, including the process guarantees. Support acquisition with competitive technical bids as basis for quotations and proposes relevant research topics.
  • Wok Processes; Advice on improving existing work processes, procedures and instructions as a result of reported experiences and findings. Carry out assessments of existing work practices, work processes, procedures and instructions and propose improvements to optimize there, based on reported experiences and findings.
  • Training on the job and mentoring;
  • Coaching; Provide training and coaching to Process Engineers, including plant start up. Ensures Process Engineers are trained and coached professionally. Structures the work relations of the process engineers and other department or 3rd parties.
  • Support career & skill development in the organization; Advice on the required technical competences and personal skills within the department (type, amount and level). Knowledge of the key tasks and content of the deliverables of the Process Engineering, including plant start up. Manages the targets and key tasks of the Process Engineers;
  • Performance Management; Gives input to appraisal of Process Engineers which are coaches and supported;
  • QESH; Ensures optimum function and quality of the department with regards to: Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental issues, training and education, resource management etc. based on the specified requirements. Ensures that the QESH targets are realized;
  • Resource Management; Ensures appropriate resource management and knowledge exchange between employees and departments.




  • Take process design decisions based on and using the existing design manuals and guidelines;
  • Take process design decisions, if required not based and not using the existing design manuals and guidelines;
  • Amend the process design based on the DHS outcome;
  • Take part in clarification meetings and amend the PDP based on the outcome;
  • Review of engineering contractor and equipment suppliers’ documents and indicate corrections to be made;
  • Troubleshooting during plant start-up of process related issues and giving advices to the client regarding potential solutions to operational problem;
  • Take the decision no to carry out activities on site should the circumstances be deemed unsafe;
  • Accountable for the contractual process guarantee figures to be used in a (license-) contract (numeric values of the guarantee);
  • Provide input for the EPC appraisals;
  • Prepares the EPC appraisals of Process Engineers;
  • Resource manager for assignment of resources to projects (both acquisition and execution);
  • Take required and appropriate measures to ensure a compliant (QESH) working environment and work practices.

The Candidate

As a potential new colleague you deal with strictly confidential business information. You contact Suppliers and correct differences and deviations of invoices from the contractual terms and conditions.

 Main job requirements includes:

  • Minimum off 5 year experience in process technology, process technology projects, process engineering and/or operational factory experience ;
  • Experience of the technical and organizational aspects of process licensing;
  • Experience with operational (process) issues in chemical plants;
  • Higher vocational or academic level in process technology or chemical engineering;
  • Good knowledge of process technology within the relevant fields (e.g. urea), competitors’ processes and corresponding history;
  • Good knowledge of the (whole) engineering process and the PDP deliverables;
  • Knowledge of flow sheeting and the use of engineering tools for front-end engineering;
  • Knowledge of ESA/HAZOP studies, the Cactus SIL method and of VCA-VOL;
  • Knowledge of the international EP(C) contractor world;
  • Good command of written and spoken English (C1 or higher);
  • Presentation skills are at a high level;’
  • Knowledge of contracts regarding technology transfer in the higher function levels.

The Reward

Stamicarbon offers a rewarding and challenging job with opportunities for personal input. The organization is 100% internationally focused, has the ambition to expand and offers individual possibilities to learn and develop in a true business environment. There is an open and very pleasant atmosphere with plenty of room for discussion with highly committed fellow professionals and a good sense of humor. Terms and conditions of employment as well as fringe benefits are up to market standards.

Stamicarbon’s Head office is located in Sittard, Limburg, the Netherlands. For further information about this position, please contact Ms. Natascha Brouns via 00316-38675384.

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