The Challenge

Product Management is organized within Stamicarbon as part of Licensing business line in order to increase product focus within the organization, Licensing and Services, to a level that existing products are well maintained and opportunities for new products that respond to market needs are identified. Product Management secures commercial capitalization on invested innovation resources. Product Management guides the sales forces with business planning, market and prospect insights and tools helping to maximize sales.

Product Coordinator

As a Product Coordinator the purpose of the position is:

  • Drive product management by developing and implementing product management tools in line with the strategic imperatives of the Stamicarbon organization;
  • Guide product managers and maintainers and enable them to execute product management activities;
  • Initiate and develop options to grow, roll out and anchor product management;
  • Monitor and report product management activities performance;
  • Provide commercial input on product level to the commercial excellence manager, in order to develop product marketing strategies and optimize added value per product;
  • Ensure an effective go-to market approach, utilizing cross functional performance, maximizing the added value and impact of all products;
  • Support acceleration and maximization of sales performance, by providing insights that stimulate business planning and sales actions, using CRM, SAP, SharePoint, Power BI and Account Management tools;
  • Identify  possibilities for 'technology push' meeting 'market pull', i.e. optimizing innovation and development of our products towards both creating and meeting market needs;
  • Support implementation of product management process;
  • Act as gate keeper for the product management portal;
  • Coordinate and expedite product roadmap in consultation with the product manager.


Main responsibilities include:


•    Responsible for the execution of action planning defined in the product roadmap as part of a product plan and strategic planning;

•    Responsible to provide periodically reporting, analysis of product roadmap progress and budget control;

•    Responsible for delivery of product plans on product level expediting with the product managers in alignment with the product maintainer, commercial excellence manager and product portfolio manager;

•    Facilitate delivery and maintain the input of all products for cross/upsell directive to proposal management, in alignment with the product manager and commercial excellence manager, such as introduction, pricing and scope of supply; 

•    Accountable for quarterly report monitoring the departmental hours per project steering on cost optimization to the commercial excellence manager;

•    Coordinate specific product presentations in sales meetings in consultation with product managers explaining the product description, product strategy, scope of supply etc when ready for particular offering;

•    Guide product managers and product maintainers to support sales managers;

•    Support relevant internal and external stakeholders to execute successful product maintenance, development and commercialization, such as the marketing manager, product development manager, product managers, product maintainers and external parties;

•    Increase synergies and effectiveness between business lines and various technologies, such as urea, ammonia, ANNA and connected proprietary equipment and digital services;

•    SharePoint key user of the product management portal: improving available product information and knowledge, including the overview of the product management organization and alignment towards CRM key users and STACO (standardization committee), while keeping the portal up-to-date in alignment with the Product Portfolio Manager and the Operations and Sales Managers.


The Candidate

As a potential new colleague you are responsible for the implementation of product plans, considering all various types of products offered. You Manage the product management portal. And the position requires effective interaction and communication with diverse stakeholders that often have a narrower focus.

The position requires strong teamwork skills and an open learning attitude.

 Main job requirements includes:

  • Bachelor or Master degree with Technical, Business and/or Product Management affinity;
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of the technical and chemical industry environment combined with a natural interest to obtain and gain further in-depth knowledge through training, learning on the job, etc;
  • A good command of modern languages and ability to speak or willingness to learn Dutch.
  • Experienced user of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint
  • Experience (>1 years) in technology, engineering or product management with technical B2B complexity;
  • Strong analytical, people management and communication skills;
  • Experienced in field of product management is preferred;
  • ‘Can do’ attitude’ – willing to contribute at all levels in a small but high performing team environment;
  • Eager to learn and willingness to demonstrate personal develop within an international organization.

The Reward

Stamicarbon offers a rewarding and challenging job with opportunities for personal input. The organization is 100% internationally focused, has the ambition to expand and offers individual possibilities to learn and develop in a true business environment. There is an open and very pleasant atmosphere with plenty of room for discussion with highly committed fellow professionals and a good sense of humor. Terms and conditions of employment as well as fringe benefits are up to market standards.

Stamicarbon’s Head office is located in Sittard, Limburg, the Netherlands. For further information about this position, please contact Ms. Natascha Brouns via 00316-38675384.

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