The Challenge

The QESH & Risk Manager role is organized within the HR, IT & General Affairs Department of the Stamicarbon organization, sister company of  the Maire Tecnimont Group. The QESH & Risk Manager role is to secure an optimal and embedded QESH & Risk Management System, based on International Standards, which supports  the conditions (leadership, governance structure, business processes, competent employees, risk management) for  the success of the company. The QESH & Risk Manager works in close collaboration with the HSE Engineer, who  focusses on technical HSE subjects related to the process design of urea (or related) production plants activities, training, and  advises on operational safety in plants and workshops. The QESH & Risk Manager coordinates the activities of tasks and collaborates strongly with the Environmental & Sustainability Officer, the Ergonomics Coach, the First Aid Officers, Health Officer. the QESH & Risk Manager has a functional line with the Works Council of Stamicarbon.
Steers functionally the Continues Improvement Officers (PT role besides their own function). Aligns frequent with the Marie Tecnimont  Group functions and ensures compliancy with  Group regulations.


QESH & Risk Manager

As a QESH & Risk Manager the purpose of the position is:

  • Prepare, implement,  maintain and coordinate all processes required for the QESH & Risk Management System
  • Apply the methodologies and tools of the QESH & Risk Management System, in cooperation with the responsible for preparing relevant documentation and reporting;
  • Expert on Quality,  Continues Improvement and Risk Management processes and ensure implementation.


Main responsibilities include:

  • Responsible for embedding changes in the QESH & Risk management processes
  • Support management together with Quality Assistant in describing procedures in a consistent way and implementation thereof;
  • Support management in all CI activities  (f.e. Management annual planning cycle, process customer feedback, support and follow up on PDCA cycles, Problem Solving, training employees);
  • Prepares and facilitates the Quality Management Meetings
  • Responsible for developing and managing the Quality, ESH and Risk Management policies , in compliance with national  international laws and Group regulations, certification standards (e.g. ISO 9001-2000);
  • Creates and prepares annual and longer-term plans in line with business strategy and in setting priorities;
  • Responsible for monitoring follow up on defined business and process risks;
  • Monitors the implementation and progress of Quality, ESH and Risk  Management) policies and activities and  reports to management;
  • Is responsible for (internal) auditing and organizes, manages and, if necessary, performs QESH & Risk management inspections and audits himself;
  • Reports on and monitors the executions progress of the defined corrective and preventive actions of NCs and QESH incidents;



  • Escalates in case (immediate) dangerous situations occur or in case of gross violation of the QESH & Risk Management requirements and standards;
  • Coordinates in Stamicarbon operations in case immediate dangerous situations occur or in case of gross violation of the QESH & Risk Management Requirements and standards;

The Candidate

As a potential new colleague you have at least > 10 years in an industrial environment incl. at least 5 years in a Quality Management position and experience in risk management and people management.

Main job requirements includes:

  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Quality Management or Chemical, Environmental, Safety Engineering, or Business Administration or equivalent.
  • Strong background within a Quality  and/or HSE Risk Management department.
  • Knowledge and experience of Risk Analysis techniques.
  • Lean (Six Sigma) Green Belt (preferably Black Belt).
  • Is familiar with HAZID, HAZOP and other risk assessment techniques.
  • Proven Management and Project Management skills.
  • Fluent in English.

As a QESH & Risk Manager you need to have the following specific handling requirements:

  • To work in a complex and rapidly growing organization.
  • Team player who can also work well independently.
  • To manage a constantly changing environment which faces a high level of diversity.
  • To work in an international environment.
  • Ability to steer and guide hierarchical as well as multiple functional reports.
  • Ability to influence stakeholders and to motivate others to work proactive and efficient and therefore increase performance.


The Reward

Stamicarbon offers a rewarding and challenging job with opportunities for personal input. The organization is 100% internationally focused, has the ambition to expand and offers individual possibilities to learn and develop in a true business environment. There is an open and very pleasant atmosphere with plenty of room for discussion with highly committed fellow professionals and a good sense of humor. Terms and conditions of employment as well as fringe benefits are up to market standards.

Stamicarbon’s Head office is located in Sittard, Limburg, the Netherlands. For further information about this position, please contact us via

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