Nitric Acid

Stamicarbon's unique dual-pressure, nitric acid plant design for capacities up to 1,600 mtpd.

The challenge

To design a nitric acid plant with maximum energy recovery and lowest investment costs for single-train capacities up to 1,600 mtpd (100% HNO3).

Stamicarbon's solution

By applying many decades of experience and retaining the reliability and operability from industrially proven  elements that are appreciated by our customers, Stamicarbon is able to offer a best-in-class dual pressure nitric acid technology for single-train capacities up to 1,600 mtpd (100% HNO).

Our solution is designed for maximum energy recovery and meets the highest safety and environmental emission standards. Stamicarbon plants are  renowned, worldwide for their safety and reliability.

Download the nitric-acid brochure here.