Future of agriculture in 2050

Agriculture will face many challenges in the future and the growing population will require a drastic increase in food supply. How can we feed this growing population and take better care of our environment? What difference can Stamicarbon make?

Stamicarbon’s innovation ambitions are focused on three areas:

  • Specialty fertilizers (including controlled release fertilizers, seed cores and (micro)nutrients)
  • Renewable production of fertilizer (using wind or solar energy to produce fertilizer)
  • Digitalization (optimizing plant operations by harnessing the power of real-time data)

Together with partners, Stamicarbon is already working on several specialty fertilizers including a biodegradable controlled release fertilizer and fertilizers with the addition of (micro)nutrients. To optimize fertilizer plants into the future, Stamicarbon is also developing a suite of digital services to harness the power of real-time data. But there is still a lot to explore and develop to make the fertilizer industry completely digital. Meanwhile, the use of renewable energy to produce fertilizer is an area where Stamicarbon is very interested to collaborate with partners and apply its expertise.

Topics to be addressed includes:

  • How to feed the world’s growing population (expected to reach 9.7 billion in 2050)
  • Future food sources (including insects and alternative proteins).
  • Vertical farming
  • Digitalization, drones, and robotics
  • How to make fertilizers more enriching and sustainable

Stamicarbon is determined to be part of the solution.