As pioneers, we are leaders in improving the quality of life through innovation while bringing reliable, safe and sustainable fertilizer technologies to the market, enabling the world to feed itself. To help feed the world’s growing population in a sustainable way, we foster an innovative, creative and joyful environment within our company, focusing on trust, learning and collaboration.

How we enable the world to feed itself at Stamicarbon

Our company values


We foster trust by being empathic, respectful and reliable, creating a safe working environment for employees to offer ideas and solutions in positive collaboration.  


Our employees continuously increase and develop their capacities, knowledge and competencies through coaching, reflection and feedback. 

Goal setting

We define a clear vision and strategy and translate it into goals and objectives, communicating them in a clear and motivating way.


Stamicarbon’s employees come from more than 38 nationalities, and we use our differences as a source of progress, building relationships to grow continuously as individuals and teams.


To deal with complexity it is necessary we work methodologically, understanding, following and improving procedures. 


Professionalism means that we have the right set of knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes and that we think critically and work on the root causes of problems. 


We encourage our employees to listen, consult and make timely decisions, increasing ownership. 

Result orientation

We focus on delivering results and ensuring implementation in line with our goals and objectives.

With proprietary technologies, know-how and innovative customized solutions, we can solve problems for projects and plants at any stage.

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