21 June 2022 09:00 23 June 2022 15:30

Emilii Plater 49
00-125 Warszawa



Stamicarbon attendees:
Mikus Oldrich
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EU Regulations and logistics | Fertilizer pricing | Sustainability trajectories | Added Value Fertilizer markets

With a growing demand for food and rising gas prices, fertilizers have taken center stage in the global value chain, Eastern Europe is transitioning into a more sustainable fertilizers market. 

In the wake of the eminent technological revolution as well as the growing issues with logistics, join Argus at this 3 day event bringing the fertilizer community under one roof to network, stay competitive and takeaway key insights into the future of the Eastern European markets.

With panel discussions, networking hotspots and roundtables, participants will gain key understandings into ongoing issues, innovation trajectories and expert opinions while having the opportunity to discuss and meet industry peers.