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Stamicarbon attendees:
Freddy Buitink
Nitin Joshi
Gust Roozen
Utkarsh Srivastava
Shem Varghese
Deepak Shetty
Paul Jorissen
Milo Stalman
Roel Trijnes
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The Fertiliser Association of India (FAI) is a non-profit and non-trading company representing mainly the fertiliser manufacturers, distributors, importers, equipment manufacturers, research institutes and suppliers of inputs. The Association was established in 1955 with the objective of bringing together all concerned with the production, marketing and use of fertilisers with a view to:

  •  Assist the industry in improving its operative efficiency
  •  Find solutions to the problems facing the fertiliser industry and agriculture
  •  Promote the balanced and efficient use of fertiliser
  •  Encourage the use of more and better plant foods
  •  Promote consideration and discussion of all questions that contribute to sound agricultural practices

Ensuring Food Security through balanced and efficient use of plant nutrients is the prime objective of the Association.

The Indian fertiliser industry is highly complex consisting of plants with varying capacity, technology, vintage and so on. With nearly 611 members comprising Active, Associate, Overseas Associate and Technical and Professional Members, the FAI provides the necessary support for meeting the challenges facing the industry.