27 September 2022 09:00 29 September 2022 17:00

Forum 100
6229 GV Maastricht



Stamicarbon attendees:
Vincenzo Salivo
Francesco Tresso
Mustafa Durmus
Misal Purushottam
Jan Nijboer
Peter Schmeits
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Stainless Steel World Exhibition 2022 provides direct business to business and networking opportunities PLUS welcomes a diversity of worldwide knowledge, products, materials, and technologies.

This long-established meeting point is a great opportunity for exhibitors to showcase new products and explore offerings from the global industry. It’s a welcome chance to expand your customer base, obtain feedback, AND learn about your key competitors.

Your presence at the exhibition will solidify your company’s market presence while reaffirming client confidence in your products. Exhibitors enjoy this unique opportunity to build their presence in their target markets while making new leads, attracting new customers, and building a more established and renowned brand.

Furthermore, together with our global visitors and conference delegates in attendance, exhibitors contribute to expanding the understanding and knowledge necessary for future industry growth.

It’s time to meet face-to-face with your customers and network once more at the 2022 Stainless Steel World Exhibition!