08 December 2020 15:00 16:00


Stamicarbon presenters:
Branislav Manic
Elisa Puci
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Worldwide, fine particulate emission regulations are becoming increasingly strict. In response to this, Stamicarbon and EnviroCare International have co-developed the MicroMist™ Venturi Scrubber for granulators and the Jet Venturi Scrubber for prilling towers. Compared to conventional scrubbing solutions, these innovative, high-performance scrubbers remove not only coarse urea particles, but also submicron urea dust and ammonia gas at extremely high efficiencies. Based on the initial real-plant experiences with MicroMist™ Venturi Scrubbers and on-site tests conducted with the Jet Venturi Scrubber, it is possible to conclude that Stamicarbon’s emission technologies can allow plant owners to exceed the requirements of the most stringent environmental regulations, ensuring sustainable plant operation in the coming decades.