Our 75 years of unrivaled expertise cover every aspect of the project, from creating a urea facility to training staff. We provide technology licenses for new plants alongside upgrades and optimization of existing plants. Read more about our licensing models.

Indirect licensing

By supporting your project we can provide urea technology licenses, process design and any related services through one of our approved licensed contractors. 

When making use of our indirect licensing model, a licensing and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) agreement is signed between you and one of our licensed contractors to construct the plant. The contractor then becomes our customer. 

We cooperate with several global contractors who can sell the license on our behalf.  

Like many clients, you may be considering alternative contract models to mitigate project costs and risks. We have diversified our urea licensing options so that we can tailor our services to match the specific needs of your project.

Direct licensing

In the direct licensing model, you deal with us directly and acquire the license, guarantees, services, engineering and process design package from Stamicarbon. You become Stamicarbon's customer. Besides our licensed contractors, you also have the option to choose, in close consultation with us, a local contractor to do the engineering, procurement and construction work for you.