Upcoming events

As an international company we are participating in several events around the world.

Find here below an overview of the events which we are participating in.

In case of any questions about a particular event, please send an email to communication@stamicarbon.com

Upcoming events

27 February 2024
30th AFA International Annual Fertilizer Conference & Exhibition
Agri-Nutrients for Securing Food & Sustaining Environment
Nitrogen & Syngas 2020
04 March 2024
Nitrogen + Syngas Europe 2024 Conference & Exhibition
CRU’s 37th Nitrogen + Syngas conference will be held as a live, in-person event in Gothenburg on 4-6 March 2024. As the most respected technical events for the global nitrogen and syngas community, the conference and exhibition provides an ideal platform for technical professionals from across the nitrogen and syngas industries to connect, do business and learn about the latest developments in operations, technology, process and equipment.
green ammonia stamicarbon
06 March 2024
European Green Ammonia Summit 2024
ACI’s European Green Ammonia Summit 2024 will be taking place in Dusseldorf, Germany on the 6th and 7th March 2024. The two-day event will bring together key industry stakeholders from green ammonia producers, hydrogen providers, fertiliser manufacturers, renewable energy providers, consultants, solution and technology providers.
Sustainable fertilizers
06 March 2024
IFA Global Sustainability Conference
Where leaders learn how to cultivate change
green ammonia solution stamicarbon
10 April 2024
NH3 Event LATAM 2024
This conference brings together key industrial stakeholders to address the current challenges and possibilities of ammonia in the energy transition. The two day Event will give insights on business cases, technological advancements and opportunities for ammonia. In collaboration with the Ammonia Energy Association and NH3 Event Europe (June 6 & 7, 2023 in Rotterdam Zoo, the Netherlands)
Nitrogen + Syngas USA
15 April 2024
Nitrogen + Syngas USA 2024
CRU Nitrogen + Syngas USA will return to Tulsa, OK, USA on April 15-17, 2024. Part of the CRU Nitrogen + Syngas series, CRU have a proven track record of bringing together operators and technical experts to share experience and develop best practice in operations, reliability and maintenance of ammonia, methanol, hydrogen, syngas and urea plants. This regional event is designed to provide operators with practical takeaways and information on new technology developments that can help them to operate their plants in a more reliable and efficient way.

Past events

Stami Digital
21 February 2024
Digital Twin & Smart Manufacturing Summit
About the event In a generation where companies from all sectors are constantly on their toes to inculcate the next step of improvement and enhance their productivity in every area of the business by conducting research and development to conducting surveys. Businesses thrive for the slightest of modifications to make their manufacturing efficient and effective by reducing errors and boosting the value provided to the consumer.
Sustainable transformations
05 February 2024
Fertilizer Latino Americano 2024
Join key market players at the biggest fertilizer networking event for Latin America
Sustainable Transformations
06 December 2023
IFS 2023 Conference
The Society’s 2023 Conference will be held at Robinson College, Cambridge, UK on 6-8 December Following the success of our combined conference last year, our 2023 event will have a similar structure. It will include presentations both for delegates with crop nutrition and fertiliser production interests, as well as some that will be of general interest. As well as a variety of relevant and interesting presentations, this will provide unique opportunities to meet, discuss topics of common interest and build relationships with people working in different parts of the fertiliser and crop nutrition supply chain.
Stami Urea Advance References
06 December 2023
New Delhi
FAI Annual Seminar 2023
The Fertiliser Association of India (FAI) is a non-profit and non-trading company representing mainly the fertiliser manufacturers, distributors, importers, equipment manufacturers, research institutes and suppliers of inputs.
15th Annual GPCA Forum
04 December 2023
GPCA Annual Forum 2023
The 17th Annual GPCA Forum will be held for the first time in Doha, Qatar, under the theme ‘Mobilizing Chemistry for Impactful Transformation’. The forum’s program is set to highlight the crucial role of chemistry in driving innovation and sustainability in various industries.
Green Ammonia
30 November 2023
Webinar - Green ammonia: The fast track to a more sustainable future. (Afternoon Session)
In this webinar, Business Development Manager Deepak Shetty and Process Engineer Rolf Postma will talk about Green Ammonia as a key technology for improving the sustainability of fertilizer value chain and realizing affordable green energy storage.