As the world market leader in design, licensing and development of urea plants for the fertilizer industry, we apply our expertise, knowledge and experience for many solutions; fertilizer production technologies, emission reduction technologies and all technologies for the integration of urea and adjacent processes.

Stami Green Ammonia technology package contains the technology license and engineering requirements to build small-scale green ammonia plants. Our proven technology can also be applied in existing plants as part of a hybrid technology solution to make existing fertilizer production more sustainable.

By applying many decades of experience and retaining the reliability and operability of industrially proven elements that are appreciated by our customers, Stamicarbon is able to offer a best-in-class mono and dual-pressure nitric acid technologies for a large range of single-train capacities.

Stami Specialties, Stamicarbon's brand for products and services that entail a strong differentiator in their end-applications, serves as a quality label for innovative, future-proof solutions. This separate branch allows for elevation and increased exposure of existing and new technology propositions that can open up new value-added niche markets for our customers.

Full life cycle support

More about Full life cycle support

Continued support to urea producers worldwide throughout the entire lifetime of their plants, no matter at which stage their plant is.