Our Evolve series™ provides you with the technology and solutions for upgrading your aging plant without the need for big capital investment in a new plant.

Evolve products and services ensure your plant complies with changes in legislation and stays competitive by adapting to market conditions. It includes plant assessments, revamp studies, process design and debottlenecking.

With Evolve series™ solutions for upgrading your aging urea plant, you can: 

  • Increase production capacity 
  • Reduce energy consumption 
  • Lower emissions
  • Reduce the need for maintenance
  • Extend inspection intervals
  • Extend the lifetime of equipment and parts
  • Achieve higher product quality 

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Evolve series™

Thanks to our state-of-the-art technologies and expert know-how, with over 100 completed revamping projects on urea plants, Stamicarbon can help you to immensely improve plant performance. 

Our Evolve series™ includes three main revamping solutions that can be tailored to the specific needs of your plant.

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EVOLVE series™ upgrade your urea plant

Our EVOLVE series provides the technology and solutions you need to upgrade your plant when new circumstances demand it.

Evolve Emission™

Reducing emissions according to international standards.

Environmental commitments and legislation are becoming more stringent, which is why we have developed several technologies to help you comply with international standards. Lower ammonia emissions in the granulation and prilling sections of your plant with our high-efficiency scrubbing technology. 

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MMV Scrubber
MicroMist Venturi™ Scrubber

Lower ammonia emissions in the granulation and prilling sections of your plant with our high-efficiency scrubbing technology.


Urea industry processes take place at high temperatures and pressure, and ammonium carbamate is highly corrosive. Therefore, the high-pressure (HP) synthesis equipment and parts have to be manufactured from strong, light and corrosion-resistant materials. The solution is Safurex®, a super duplex stainless steel specially designed to eliminate corrosion in fertilizer plants.

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Evolve Capacity™

Significantly increasing your plant output from 10% up to 100%

Stamicarbon offers debottlenecking solutions to increase the capacity of your plant. Depending on the individual needs and limitations of each plant, we can develop a debottlenecking solution to meet your exact requirements. Boost urea production and ensure the competitive advantage of your plant while lowering operating costs.

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Non-Stamicarbon plants products and services

Significantly increasing your plant output, from 10% up to 100%.

Full life cycle support

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Continued support to urea producers worldwide throughout the entire lifetime of their plants, no matter at which stage their plant is.


Significantly lower steam utilization and achieve optimal use of feedstock consumption

We continuously innovate urea melt production technology and urea granulation technology to achieve a reduction in energy consumption of the plant, lower construction costs and increase production efficiency.

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Stami Digital

Significantly lower steam utilization and optimal use of feedstock consumption.

Products and services for non-Stamicarbon plants

Stamicarbon offers consultancy, products and services for non-Stamicarbon plants, optimizing the performance of urea plants and providing reliable solutions for sustainable plant operation.

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