Spare Parts

A timely replacement of the right spare part

The Challenge 

Active corrosion of stainless steels caused by ammonium carbamate is a major challenge urea plant operators face every day. Even a small part of the equipment, when exposed to corrosion, could disrupt the seamless operations of your plant, requiring a quick repair or replacement of the damaged item. 

But what if you could eliminate or significantly reduce the risk of corrosion in the high-pressure synthesis section of the urea plant?     

The Solution: Safurex® 

Safurex® is a family of super duplex stainless steels designed by Stamicarbon and Alleima to address the challenges of the high-pressure synthesis section of urea plants. Its superior mechanical properties, active corrosion resistance and improved weldability make Safurex® the perfect material for high-pressure equipment and parts. 

Spare parts from Safurex® help to eliminate or extremely lower the risk of the main corrosion issues for reduced maintenance and a longer plant lifetime.

Safurex Spare Parts
Automated control valve with Safurex® components

Each component of the system plays a crucial role in optimizing plant operations. If a part of your high-pressure equipment is manufactured from a material other than Safurex®, it could require more frequent maintenance, thus increasing your operational costs.  

We provide the following Safurex® parts: 

  • Raw materials (tubes, plates and bars)
  • Intermediate products (flanges, fittings, piping, gasket and valves)
  • Components (nozzles, bolts and nuts)
  • Welding consumables (plates and wires)
  • Other proprietary equipment or components

Not sure whether your damaged component can be considered a spare part? Our sales team will help evaluate your request and design a customized solution based on your needs.

Spare Parts Advantages

Choosing spare parts from Safurex® provides you with high-pressure synthesis parts made of superior quality, cutting-edge corrosion-resistant material for safe, optimal, and reliable plant operations. 

Apart from their high corrosion resistance, Spare Parts offer the following benefits:

  • Lower investment and operational costs
  • Limited need for maintenance and repairs
  • Higher process safety 
  • Decreased sensitivity to upset conditions 
Granulator Nozzle
Granulator nozzle

Receive expert advice on spare parts stock and we will arrange timely delivery of the right parts, along with engineering expertise available at short notice. 

Stamicarbon has 75 years of experience in designing plants and equipment for the urea industry and more than 25 years working with Safurex® material. 

We have used it as the standard material for all high-pressure equipment and piping in Stamicarbon urea plants since 2003 and built over 400 pieces of equipment with it. 

Contact our Spare Parts team for more information about Spare Parts products.


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