Safurex® Welding Training and Qualification

Safurex® Welding Training equips you with both theoretical and practical knowledge of welding Safurex® materials, a family of proprietary materials of construction for Stamicarbon's critical high-pressure urea equipment and piping. This family of super duplex stainless steels has excellent corrosion-resistant properties to withstand the harsh environment of ammonium carbamate, an intermediate product in the manufacturing of urea.

Stamicarbon offers welding training and qualification in welding of these proprietary materials. This training is specifically developed to train and approve welders on how to weld Safurex® materials to meet all Stamicarbon requirements with respect to the corrosion-resistant properties of these materials in the as-welded condition.

Welders with experience in manual GTAW (TIG) of duplex stainless steels and/or austenitic stainless steels can apply for the training.

What will you learn?

The welding training consists of hands-on training in handling Safurex® welding after the presentation of its welding metallurgy, highlighting critical points that differ from welding of other urea process materials such as 316UG or 25-22-2. Welding of different material combinations, non-destructive test requirements and acceptance criteria are also part of the training.

Welders joining the training should be certified in compliance with country regulations and international standards covering the range of welding thickness and diameter provided in WPS and PQRs, such as:

  • ASME BPVC Section IX
  • EN15609, EN-15614, EN-287 and equivalent standards

A combination of Code and Stamicarbon qualification is also possible. Mechanical tests required by Code can be performed in an accredited laboratory, while the samples required for Stamicarbon qualification will be tested in our partner laboratory.

Welding certificates will be issued by Stamicarbon for each qualified welder.

Achieve Safurex® certificates with a validity of 3 years
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