The First Green Ammonia Plant to be Developed in the US Midwest Will Be Based on Stamicarbon's Technology

Maire Tecnimont Group has signed an agreement with Greenfield Nitrogen LLC to develop the first 240 mtpd green ammonia plant in the US Midwest. Stamicarbon will provide its Stami Green Ammonia technology, working on this project alongside other subsidiaries of the Group, NextChem and MET Development. This is already the second Stami Green Ammonia plant under development since the technology entered the market in May this year. 

Green plant

The new green ammonia plant to be located in Iowa will be powered by wind and solar energy and will be the first of Greenfield Nitrogen’s green ammonia facilities to be developed in the US Corn Belt, the region in the Midwest widely known for its corn production. The project will contribute to lowering CO2 emissions by the industry and reducing dependency on ammonia imports in the region. 

For more information about the project, read Maire Tecnimont’s press release.

About Stami Green Ammonia

Stami Green Ammonia technology offers a sustainable and highly competitive alternative to conventional ammonia production, paving the way for producing green fertilizers from renewable energy sources.  

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