As the world market leader in design, licensing and development of urea plants for the fertilizer industry, we apply our expertise, knowledge and experience for many solutions; fertilizer production technologies, emission reduction technologies and all technologies for the integration of urea and adjacent processes.


LAUNCH series™ is a group of technologies, products and services that ensure an effective design and optimal development of a new urea plant. Stamicarbon will be your partner during the whole journey from process design to project management and all the way through plant start-up.


A fully-optimized urea plant has an extended lifetime, increased output and improved energy efficiency, conforms to the highest safety standards and exceeds environmental regulations. Our ADVANCE series™ gives you a choice of products and services for optimizing plant performance.


Our EVOLVE series™ provides you with the technology and solutions to upgrade your aging plant, such as plant assessments, revamp studies, process design and debottlenecking. It ensures your plant complies with changes in legislation and stays competitive by adapting to changes in market conditions.


By applying many decades of experience and retaining the reliability and operability of industrially proven elements that are appreciated by our customers, Stamicarbon is able to offer a best-in-class mono and dual-pressure nitric acid technologies for a large range of single-train capacities.

Stami digital

With over 25 years of experience, we build excellent high-fidelity Operator Training Simulators and several other Stami Digital solutions.

Process Monitor

Our Process Monitor is a steady state on-line process model that includes Stamicarbon’s state-of-the-art H&M balance, thermodynamic and kinetic urea models.


Operator Training Simulator

Stamicarbon develops high-fidelity Operator Training Simulator systems for a wide range of customers in different kinds of industries. Customers of Stami Digital solutions are licensors, engineering contractors, plant owners and training centers.

Process Optimizer

When it comes to recognizing opportunities related to improving plant performance, a plant assessment is the essential starting point. Through a comprehensive analysis, Stamicarbon’s engineers can determine the current status of the plant and give advice on possible improvements.

Digital Services

Stamicarbon offers the following services: Consultancy, Maintenance and Training.

Full life cycle support

Full life cycle support by Stamicarbon

Stami Specialties

Stami Specialties, Stamicarbon's brand for products and services that entail a strong differentiator in their end-applications, serves as a quality label for innovative, future-proof solutions. This separate branch allows for elevation and increased exposure of existing and new technology propositions that can open up new value-added niche markets for our customers.

Controlled-Release Fertilizer Design

Do you want to benefit from state-of-the-art technology and offer farmers a broad smart fertilizer product range, fine-tuned to specific customer and crop needs? Our Controlled-Release Fertilizer Design with PurActive Technology, developed in partnership with Pursell Agri-Tech, offers you a one-stop-shop package to kick-start your new product line. Learn how to improve yields and limit environmental impact with this smart innovation. 

DEF/NOx reduction

Stamicarbon offers technology concepts to produce 32.5% urea-in-solution - often known as AUS32 or Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) - for NOx reduction in diesel engines. As a licensor of urea technology, Stamicarbon is in an ideal position to develop a state-of-the-art solution not only taking into account the current regulations but also anticipating future developments and requirements.