Stamicarbon is committed to providing Full Life Cycle Support. We offer continued support to urea producers worldwide throughout the entire lifetime of their plants, no matter at which stage their plant is.

Our Full Life Cycle philosophy

Full life cycle support covers various services, including plant operation support, plant troubleshooting and optimization, studies and execution of revamping and debottlenecking projects, equipment inspections and plant staff training. 

Regardless of the stage of your plant’s lifetime, we offer you bespoke technology solutions, products and services that match your needs. With three proven solutions that suit a wide range of real-world requirements, we address your questions and requests, ensuring optimal performance throughout the entire lifetime of your plant.

We call these solutions our LAUNCH, ADVANCE and EVOLVE series.


Full life cycle support



Everything you need to build a reliable and profitable new urea plant, from the initial idea of building a plant, to process design, project management and quick start-up with the help of an operator training simulator. Choose from our urea melt and finishing technologies, products and services that ensure an effective design and development of your plant. 


Stay competitive with production improvements, digital process monitoring, finishing solutions, staff training and full life cycle support. Our ADVANCE series™ will help you optimize your plant to achieve increased lifetime, higher productivity and optimal energy efficiency. 


Our EVOLVE series™ provides technology solutions to upgrade your aging plant, whether you want to increase capacity, lower emissions or reduce energy consumption. Stay compliant and competitive with a range of safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly revamp schemes. 

We have our vision to enable the world to feed itself and improve the quality of life. Our purpose is related to a higher cause we are not just passionate about, but also have the competence and willingness to engage with.