Pioneering is at the heart of our organization. Since 1947 we have been travelling the world and crossing boundaries to invent, design and further develop our products and services.

And with success; known for our reliability, we are the market leader in fertilizer technology, relevant to the world's growth that ultimately contributes to increased food proceeds from arable land. With over a 1000 technology-licenses, Stamicarbon serves customers in over 80 countries. Stamicarbon is the Licensing and IP center for the Maire Tecnimont Group. Within Stamicarbon we constantly seek unity in diversity and work with a high degree of independence, pragmatism and engagement. High quality facilities and tools required to make you excel in our organization are provided.

meeting room
Stamicarbon meeting room

What is it like to work for Stamicarbon?

Join the world’s leading company in the design and project development of chemical plants, licensing of technologies and supply of high-end equipment and services for the petrochemical industry. 

We are a company specializing in the fertilizer industry with a true pioneering vision to help enable the world to feed itself and improve the quality of life.

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Worker in Bangladesh
Worker in Bangladesh


Sustainability is the driving force behind our culture of innovation. We combine it with an excellent Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) ethos, a key consideration for sustainable licensing.

Our production processes combine unparalleled efficiency with operation simplicity. Designed for a high on-stream time and utilization rate, they not only meet but in many cases exceed all product quality standards. Our processes comply with the most stringent environmental requirements, so the plant is safe, efficient, ultra reliable, and will have the least environmental impact on the world as possible.