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Stamicarbon's LAUNCH series™ is a group of technologies, products and services that ensure an effective design and optimal development of a new urea plant. 

From the moment you start to investigate the possibilities of building a urea plant, there are several economic and technical choices to be considered. Stamicarbon will support you in this orientation phase and will be your partner throughout the whole journey of process design, project management through to plant start-up.

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For more information on our Melt technologies contact us by e-mail.

First plant based on the Ultra-Low Energy Design

LAUNCH MELT™ Ultra-Low Energy Design

Bring your plant’s steam consumption to an unprecedentedly low level

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Safurex® Carbamate Condenser

LAUNCH MELT™ Pool Condenser & Pool Reactor Design

Our CO₂ stripping process designs that simplifies the plant's overall design.

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Urea industry processes take place at high temperatures and pressure, and ammonium carbamate is highly corrosive. Therefore, the high-pressure (HP) synthesis equipment and parts have to be manufactured from strong, light and corrosion-resistant materials. The solution is Safurex®, a super duplex stainless steel specially designed to eliminate corrosion in fertilizer plants.

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Finishing technologies

For more information on our Finishing technologies contact us by e-mail.

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LAUNCH FINISH™ Granulation Design

Our Granulation Design that produces Producing tailor-made urea granules of the highest possible quality.

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LAUNCH FINISH™ Pastillation Design

Our Pastillation Design that produces premium-quality pastilles at low investment cost, low operating cost and with minimum emissions.

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LAUNCH FINISH™ Prilling Design

The most cost-effective finishing solution for producing solid urea.

Full life cycle support

We offer continued support to urea producers worldwide throughout the entire lifetime of their plants, no matter at which stage their plant is.

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A fully-optimized urea plant has an extended lifetime, increased output and improved energy efficiency, conforms to the highest safety standards and exceeds environmental regulations. Our ADVANCE series™ gives you a choice of products and services for optimizing plant performance.


Our EVOLVE series™ provides you with the technology and solutions to upgrade your aging plant, such as plant assessments, revamp studies, process design and debottlenecking. It ensures your plant complies with changes in legislation and stays competitive by adapting to changes in market conditions.

Tailor-made fertilizer plants

Stamicarbon is specialized in state-of-the-art tailor-made fertilizer plants. For more information on tailor-made fertilizer designs please contact us!

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