Safurex® is a high-performance duplex steel developed by our partner Sandvik Materials Technology. This is now our standard material for urea production and has effectively replaced X2CrNiMoN 25 22 2.

Safurex® eliminates all known active forms of corrosion that occur in the urea plant, thanks to its superior mechanical properties and improved processing (like welding). The result is that for high-pressure applications it outperforms alternative and expensive metals like titanium and zirconium. Most importantly, Safurex® lasts longer…

SAFUREX® offers numerous significant benefits. What's more, Safurex® offers you a nearly maintenance-free urea plant with a significant longer life time than any other commercially available urea process.


  • lower emissions;
  • lower corrosion rates, leading to longer equipment lifetimes;
  • no risk for active corrosion;
  • no risk for:
    • condensation corrosion
    • crevice corrosion
    • stress corrosion cracking.
  • better resistant against erosion-corrosion;
  • longer running intervals between turnarounds (read resulting in extra production capacity);
  • better mechanical properties, allowing for smaller tube and piping wall thicknesses;
  • less equipment and piping weight, leading to less investment costs;
  • improved fatigue properties;
  • improved weld ability;
  • higher stripping capacity due to increasing the inside tube diameter.