Our Mission and Vision

We pioneer with a higher purpose. It is our vision to enable the world to feed itself and improve the quality of life. As the world market leader in urea technology, we are dedicated to providing creative, technological solutions by exchanging knowledge acquired from decades of continuous innovation.


A sustainable future with enough for everyone

The world’s population is growing, expected to reach over 9 billion by 2050, and the challenges placed on our planet are increasing, too. Food supply is a top priority for our ever-increasing numbers, and with fertilizers responsible for around a half of the world’s food production, Stamicarbon’s innovation in fertilizer plant technology will play a vital part. 


Our innovation ambitions are focused on three areas: digitalization, renewable production of fertilizers and specialty fertilizers.

Our pioneering spirit has enabled us to be the first to bring our customers highly efficient urea plants with the lowest possible impact on the environment, and our knowledge and technology are already being used in half of the world’s urea plants.

To adapt to the changes in the world and the fertilizer market, we look for innovative ways to help plants perform at the most optimal level while meeting environmental standards and legislation, securing cleaner environment and improved quality of life.  

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