History of excellence

Since 1947, Stamicarbon has been at the forefront of developing and licensing technology for the urea industry. During more than 70 years, more than 250 urea plants licensed around the world have already used Stamicarbon's technology. This is more than half of the installed capacity worldwide.

Urea is the largest nitrogen fertilizer used worldwide to add nutrients to crops, replenish arable land and increase crop yields. The life cycle of a urea plant is approx. 50 years. Stamicarbon offers continuous support throughout the whole life-cycle of their clients' urea plants, known as their Full Life Cycle Philosophy. As pioneers with a higher purpose, Stamicarbon has proved itself time and again. 


Stamicarbon licenses coal washing plants, eventually specialising in fertilizers and urea.


highlight by Stamicarbon:  

  • Flagship urea plant commissioned in Geleen, The Netherlands.
  • First urea license sold to the Société Carbochimique in Tertre, Belgium.
  • Oxigen passivation with Authentic SS (1953)
  • Austennitic SS:X2CrNiMo 17-12-3 being Urea grade


First caprolactam license granted in Russia in 1964. The famous Stamicarbon Urea CO stripping plant was licensed in 1965.


highlight by Stamicarbon:

  • Plant Management Consultancy (PMC) concept introduced.
  • Invention of the CO stripping process for substantial reduction of HP steam consumption
  • Reliability improvement of longer life time of HP equipment especially HP Stripper (highest temperatures) by the development of improved corrosion resistant Austenitic Steel: X2CrNiMo 25-22-2


High and low-density polyethylene (HDPE and LLDPE) licensing. Stamicarbon sells its licensing business (excluding Urea).


Launch of Launch Melt Pool Condenser Design and Launch Melt Pool Reactor Design, Safurex® steel, Stamicarbon fluid-bed granulation technology.


Mega Plant concept for production capacities up to 6000 mtpd.


Maire Tecnimont acquires Stamicarbon


First commercial license for the Launch Melt Compact Design - Stamicarbon's latest urea concept. The height is only 40 meters with less equipment.


The zero emission and elimination of the flare.


Introduction of LAUNCH Melt Ultra Low Energy Design.


Introduction of new Safurex® grades: Safurex® Infinity, Safurex® Degree, Safurex® Star.


Stamicarbon re-enters into Nitric Acid business with energy-efficient dual pressure plant concept.


Stamicarbon acquires 20% shares in PURSELL Agri-Tech. Controlled Release fertilizers


3 LAUNCH™ Melt  Low Energy Design Units installed


April 4, Stamicarbon announced the Innovation Agenda to invest in a sustainable future with fertilizers


July 19, Stamicarbon reaches a new milestone in its digital roadmap with the acquisition of Protomation. Protomation is a Dutch specialist IT company dedicated to developing software applications and state-of-the-art operator training simulators (OTS) for the chemical process industry, with an extensive track record of collaboration with fertilizer producers.