Controlled-release fertilizer design

The right nutrients at the right time and rate

Do you want to benefit from state-of-the-art technology and offer farmers a broad smart fertilizer product range, fine-tuned to specific customer and crop needs? Our Controlled-Release Fertilizer Design with PurActive Technology, developed in partnership with Pursell Agri-Tech, offers you a one-stop-shop package to kick-start your new product line.

Our modular design is easy to implement and allows you to produce under your own brand name and color. The PurActive technology trademark serves as a warranty for farmers, guaranteeing them the best product available.

A smart fertilizer

Controlled-release fertilizers can help in addressing the challenge of feeding the growing population with limited arable lands.

Typically during fertilization with urea losses of valuable nutrients like nitrogen or CO2 are observed, as plants cannot take up all nutrients supplied at once. In order to feed the growing world population and limit the environmental impact, more efficient and sustainable fertilizers are needed. 

Our smart fertilizer design provides the required nutrients at the right time and the right rate, resulting in more efficient use of nutrients. This smart innovation helps farmers improve their yields and optimize their production.

Traditional fertilizer vs. Controlled-release fertilizer
Traditional fertilizer vs. controlled-release fertilizer

How it works

The smart fertilizer has a polymer coating that contains the nutrients inside the membrane. It prevents valuable nutrients from leaching into the soil and volatilizing into the air. The coating provides a semi-permeable membrane around the fertilizer. Due to the fertilizer's hygroscopic nature, water will permeate through the membrane, allowing the nutrients to dissolve. 

The low nutrient concentration outside the membrane will act as a driving force to permeate dissolved nutrients through the membrane into the soil. This process is mainly controlled by temperature and thus synchronized with the growing process of the plant, leading to extremely effective nutrient uptake.


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