“I like doing things with my own flavor”

I joined Stamicarbon in November 2019 because I felt I could do more in my profession. And just after two months of being at the company, when I traveled to the United States for a project, I realized that coming to Stamicarbon was the right thing to do.

There are so many different topics, a lot of learning, and a lot of opportunities to develop your skills and knowledge, travel and communicate with co-workers and clients.

I get the chance to collaborate on multidisciplinary projects with people from all over the world and have more responsibility, more ownership of my work than before, which is very motivating, because I like doing things with my own flavor.

No day is the same here at Stamicarbon. Today I might be checking designs or interacting with my colleague on the process side, tomorrow I might be traveling to a plant, and then the day after I might be having meetings to discuss a new project.

It’s always new, always different, with many opportunities for me to step out of the comfort zone of my position as a mechanical engineer.

“Stamicarbon is one big family”

There is no strict hierarchy at the company. It feels like a big family where everybody is open-minded and willing to help each other.

Working alongside colleagues from so many different nationalities has helped me improve my English and communication skills a lot. I ask my international colleagues about their cultures and they ask me about life in the Netherlands, and it’s nice that we can exchange ideas and help each other in this way.

Stamicarbon for me is the kindness of the colleagues, the vast knowledge the company has, and the opportunities to apply this knowledge.

Everybody has their own backpack with experience – their language, culture, projects they’ve worked on – and it becomes a very big puzzle, where everybody has their own puzzle piece to complete it together and tackle each problem with a good solution.

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Angelo Theunissen