"I believe one of the key drivers of our innovation is our diversity"

Innovation is the holistic integration of technology, design, marketing, combined with strategic thinking, and ultimately is about increasing value for the stakeholders and shareholders. Value can be added by developing new products, services and business models to increase revenues sustainably or by optimizing costs; ultimately it must lead to higher EBIDTA.

In half a decade with Stamicarbon and Maire Tecnimont Group I have had the opportunity to add value in both aspects to increase revenues and to optimize costs:

  • by being part of multiple Innovation programs across the group companies in multiple locations in Italy and the Netherlands
  • by developing strategies to expand our technology portfolio to Adjacent Markets
  • by optimizing the costs in different parts of the business by continued implementation of operational excellence

Stamicarbon has a family environment, with colleagues from around 32 nationalities. Most of them specialize in their own fields; this basically means there is always something to learn, develop and coinvent. On the other hand, being part of an international blue-chip stock listed group we also have the scale to make the impossible possible.

My goal is to better understand our stakeholders and anticipate their needs. I develop ideas with clients because sooner or later we may need a client to do the design validation. This is part of our guarantee, what we deliver is proven to work. By involving a client in our innovation process we not only gain new insights, but we also enable the client to take ownership of the process. Our technology-driven approach leads us to get involved, at early stages, in customer investment initiatives, contributing both on the technical side and in the financing schemes. We assist our customers in the revamping initiatives of existing industrial plants.

Open Innovation is key for any company to be successful, and this is done by leveraging on the strength of partners, suppliers, and customers.

A client-supplier long-term alliance is needed to jointly take the challenges of the global food and energy market through an evolved industrial and technological cooperation.


“Looking to the future, innovation in our industry is essential”

With the population of the world rising to 11Bn by 2100, there is a greater demand for food. Hence the increased demand for fertilizers and solutions to feed the growing population. With this increase, new and more efficient environmentally friendly solutions are needed.

The climate of the world is changing, and we need to do something to maintain the quality of life. The energy transition sector compound annual growth rate is higher than 15%, worth approximately €40 billion, and is expected to triple within 2025.

Being part of an international group in the field of plant engineering, mainly in the hydrocarbon sector (petrochemical, fertilizers, oil & gas refining), our contribution is fundamental to the transformation of natural resources into innovative products. We would play a pivotal role in carbon footprint reduction, circular economy, and new bio-based products and feedstocks.

I am on a constant search for novel ways to feed our growing world in the future and improve the quality of life.

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Manish Abraham