Stamitalks Podcast

We at Stamicarbon are pioneers in the licensing and design of fertilizer technology with more than 75 years of experience.

In our podcast, we share the latest technology insights into urea, green ammonia, fertilizer sustainability, and digital trends for fertilizer plants, and we also discuss the role the fertilizer industry can play in solving global challenges.

Happy to share our knowledge with you!

Episode 3 - Ultra-Low Energy Technology for Urea Plants

In this episode of Stamitalks, our Senior Process Engineer Rahul Patil talks about the breakthrough Ultra-Low Energy technology that enables a significant reduction of steam and water consumption in urea plants. Join us to learn about the highlights of this technology and experiences with the first Ultra-Low Energy plants. 




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Episode 2 - Fertilizer Plant Digitalization

Tune in to the second episode of Stamitalks where Jesús González talks about the present and future of fertilizer plant digitalization, from improving operator training and boosting plant efficiency to accident prevention and predictive maintenance. 




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Episode 1 - The future of fertilizers

Join us as Stamicarbon CEO Pejman Djavdan shares his expertise and visionary insights on how fertilizer technologies can become more efficient and effective to combat the pressing environmental issues our planet faces today. With decades of experience at Stamicarbon, a global market leader in fertilizer technology licensing, Mr. Djavdan provides a unique perspective on the intersection of fertilizer technology, sustainability and innovation.




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