Inspection Services

Making sure your equipment and piping are safe, reliable and always available

The Challenge

Although urea equipment is designed for a long lifetime of 20 years on average, the lifetime of a specific vessel is determined by its corrosion resistance. Carbamate corrosion can compromise the integrity of equipment and piping, and it can lead to a catastrophic failure in the plant if regular inspections and maintenance do not occur.

Reliable and durable equipment and piping are essential to your urea plant's safety, productivity, and long life cycle. By consistently evaluating their condition, you can prevent unsafe situations and unscheduled plant shutdowns.

ADVANCE INSPECT Inspection Services

Our Solution

Extending the plant's lifetime and ensuring safe urea production depends on good operation, good maintenance, and state-of-the-art technology.

Stamicarbon has developed plant integrity inspection services to ensure optimal performance and maximum lifespan of equipment and piping, including: 

equipment inspection

High-pressure piping inspection 

Stamicarbon's inspections are performed on equipment and piping based on vessel building knowledge, years of experience and expertise in the urea process, materials of construction, integrity (corrosion) loops and failure modes.  

The goal of inspections is to clearly understand the condition of equipment, piping and parts, evaluate their lifetime, and determine the steps for risk mitigation to ensure safe operation. 

ADVANCE INSPECT Inspection Services

We advise performing inspections every 2-6 years, depending on the age and condition of your equipment and piping. Our plant inspections are conducted in three main steps: 

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Onsite inspection during planned turnarounds
  • Development of a final report

Advantages of Stamicarbon's Inspections

A thorough inspection program can prevent serious safety risks and catastrophic incidents in the plant.

Stamicarbon has extensive knowledge and experience with process, materials, failure modes and corrosion, having performed more than 500 inspections globally. 

By choosing our inspection services, you receive the following benefits:

  • Accurate assessment of the current situation in the plant 
  • Predicted lifetime of equipment and/or piping 
  • Customized recommendations on risk mitigation measures 
  • If required, the implementation of mitigation measures, such as repairs, relining and replacement of equipment and/or piping


  • Stamicarbon Inspection Services Brochure