18 September 2022 09:00 20 September 2022 17:00

Lehbab Street
United Arab Emirates



Stamicarbon attendees:
Henri Smolenaers
Stephen Zwart
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The GCC countries are embracing a multi-faceted approach across value chains. They are leveraging innovation and modern technology to make our food systems more robust, resilient and sustainable. Regional governments are focused on enhancing domestic production, utilizing technology, rethinking investment strategies and boosting research and development activities to prepare for the future, as well as investing in diversified supply sources.

The agri-nutrients industry plays a leading role in supporting this transition. There is a growing need for this critical industry to collaborate with governments and the value chain to improve agricultural productivity and provide nutritious and sufficient food for all. To avoid disruptions in agricultural production and to ensure food security, the GCC agri-nutrients industry will have to embrace new avenues of growth, including boosting international cooperation, exploring new markets, strengthening domestic supply chains, reducing their environmental footprint and deploying advanced technology to maintain a competitive edge. Exploring new opportunities today will help build resiliency and sustainability, while preparing for potential future crises.