Stamicarbon Symposium 2022: Reconnect presents a valuable opportunity for us to share the latest technology insights and discuss the role the fertilizer industry can play in solving global challenges.

During this three-day event, you will learn about the latest market developments, digitalization, and technologies for sustainable fertilizer production. Furthermore, the symposium provides the opportunity to catch up and network with peers and industry experts.

  • Latest developments and trends in fertilizer markets
  • Technologies for sustainable, future-proof fertilizer production
  • Meeting environmental commitments and legislation
  • Using renewables for the production of nitric acid and green ammonia
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Optimizing fertilizer production with digital solutions
16 May 2022 15:00 19 May 2022 17:00

50 Veemarktplein
3521 AG Utrecht

Stamicarbon presenters:

  • Alex Scheerder
  • Branislav Manic
  • Chuanbo Gao
  • Eelco Mostert
  • Gabriele Genyte
  • Harald Jorritsma
  • Harold Borkink
  • Harold van der Zande
  • Jan Nijboer
  • Juan Coloma
  • Kirk Ofei
  • Leo Rams
  • Luc Dieltjens
  • Mahal Patel
  • Mark Wagemans
  • Maureen Vermeule
  • Milo Stalman
  • Paul Meijboom
  • Paz Muñoz
  • Pejman Djavdan
  • Pierroberto Folgiero
  • Rahul Patil
  • Ron Pustjens
  • Ugur Aktay