Upcoming events

As an international company we are participating in several events around the world.

Find here below an overview of the events which we are participating in.

In case of any questions about a particular event, please send an email to communication@stamicarbon.com

08 Jun - 09 Jun 2023
NH3 Event 2023

This two day Event gives insights on business cases, technological advancements and opportunities for ammonia. International and knowledgeable (keynote) speakers will address innovation and the future of working with ammonia.

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NH3 Event 2022

Upcoming events

Controlled-release fertilizer
17 September 2023
13th GPCA Agri-Nutrients Conference
The agri-nutrients industry provides essential nutrients to the farm­ing industry. In 2020, Nitrogen Fertilizers alone supported food supply to 3.6 billion people worldwide (48% of global population).
Stamicarbon urea plant
08 November 2023
2nd Congress and Exhibition Syngas Nitrogen Uzbekistan and CIS
Congress and Exhibition Syngas Nitrogen Uzbekistan and CIS is the only professional international platform for the leading companies of the methane gas chemical industry in Uzbekistan and CIS.
IFA general logo
28 November 2023
IFA Strategic Forum 2023
More information will follow soon.

Past events

8th Downstream Caspian and Central Asia event
01 March 2023
Downstream Caspian
This event is dedicated to the discussion of the largest investment projects on construction and modernization of production capacities, efficiency enhancement of operating oil refineries, gas processing plants and petrochemical facilities.
UAN Design
21 February 2023
AFA International Annual Forum & Exhibition
The importance of the Arab region is set to increase in the future by the ongoing concentration on the food security issue, Agriculture sector productivity, and a more sustainable environment.
Piping inspection
14 February 2023
Argus Clean Ammonia Middle East Conference
This conference will bring together the clean ammonia and hydrogen production centre of the Middle East with key end users from around the world, and key sectors such as fertilizers, marine fuels, power generation and other hard to abate sectors.
Stami Specialties
06 February 2023
IFA Smart & Green Virtual
The challenge of how to feed the world sustainably is concentrating minds in the fertilizer industry as never before. The combined effects of climate change, conflicts, Covid and fast sustainability transformation are driving new partnerships and innovation in the fertilizer and AgTech industries.
Rio de Janeiro
30 January 2023
Rio de Janeiro
Fertilizer Latino Americano
Argus is bringing together the Latin American fertilizer community in person once more at the largest fertilizer networking event.
ADVANCE INSPECT High-pressure piping
13 December 2022
16th Annual GPCA Forum
The rapidly changing market conditions and sudden disruptions is requiring industry leaders to devise tactics for a new era of growth for alternative feedstocks, waste management and recycling, and developing new circular business models for a sustainable future. Chemical companies are building on their unique strengths and capabilities to redesign an industry backed on sustainability and innovation.