First kettle-type high-pressure carbamate condenser from Safurex® delivered for ammonia stripping urea plant

Stamicarbon delivered the first kettle-type high-pressure (HP) carbamate condenser from Safurex® for ammonia stripping urea plant in North America.

“We are excited to see that our cooperation with the client and innovative approach resulted in the introduction of Safurex® in a kettle-type condenser for an ammonia stripping urea plant. We are confident that the condenser’s lifetime will be significantly increased and that our modifications will lead to reliable performance over time,” said Eelco Mostert, Licensing Manager at Stamicarbon.

The difference in the design

The ammonia stripping process uses a kettle-type carbamate condenser, in which stripper off-gas and liquid carbamate are mixed and added to the condenser. The HP side is within the U-tubes, and inside the kettle/shell side, steam condensate is evaporated to control the condensation rate.  

Kettle-type high-pressure carbamate condenser

Stamicarbon has delivered the kettle-type condenser manufactured from Safurex® with more than 2000 U-tubes. The client can expect a longer vessel lifetime due to the Safurex® material, which is resistant to the most common types of corrosion in HP equipment. 

“This project involved substantial work from both Stamicarbon and the manufacturer FBM Hudson Italiana to design the vessel with significant modifications,” said Ingmar Wagenaar, Project Manager at Stamicarbon. “It demonstrates our capabilities in delivering HP carbamate condensers for non-Stamicarbon plants.”

This is another milestone that highlights the reliability of Stamicarbon technology and Safurex® in the ammonia stripping process. Safurex® has already been successfully applied in ammonia stripping urea plants for HP strippers, HP mixing tees and HP piping. Furthermore, Stamicarbon was involved in inspection services, optimizing the performance of ammonia stripping urea plants and providing reliable solutions for sustainable plant operation.