Safurex® high-pressure equipment has arrived in Russia

Another Safurex® high-pressure stripper and pool reactor have been completed on time and arrived in Russia to be installed in JSC Shchekinoazot’s new 2000 mtpd urea melt and granulation plant located in Shchekino, Tula Region in Central Russia. 

“These high-pressure vessels are the centerpieces of the plant under construction and their on-time delivery is critical for the project execution timeline,” said Arnoud van Deursen, Project Manager at Stamicarbon. 

Meanwhile the project’s granulator has also arrived at the site. The last major piece of equipment for the project, the MicroMist™ Venturi Scrubber, has also been completed and is awaiting shipment. 

High-pressure stripper at Shchekinoazot's site

Plant design

With a planned capacity of 2000 mtpd, the urea melt plant will be based on Stamicarbon’s Pool Reactor Design and Flash Design, which simplify synthesis loop operation, lower investment costs and reduce steam consumption.

The granulation plant will be based on Stamicarbon’s Optimized Granulation Design, with Stamicarbon’s proprietary granulator at the core. This technology offers both investment and operating cost savings, whilst meeting environmental requirements, and these benefits have gained interest in the market, leading to market leadership in the last five years.  

The plant will also use the MicroMist™ Venturi Scrubber technology, which helps to reduce CO2 emissions significantly, allowing to meet even the most stringent environmental requirements. The state-of-the-art MMV Scrubber will help Shchekinoazot to reduce ammonia and urea emissions to unprecedentedly low levels in Russia and the CIS. 

Pool reactor on the way to Shchekinoazot's site