Stamicarbon sets a new standard with one-month block-ins

Urea plant


Stamicarbon’s Launch Melt™ Pool Reactor Design and Safurex® give urea plant owners the advantage of hassle-free one-month block-ins

How is Stamicarbon able to achieve this for their clients?

When (re)starting a urea plant, the temperature in the reactor should be above 125°C in order to get the urea formation reaction started. During prolonged periods of block-in, the temperature will most likely drop below 125°C. Due to the layout of our Pool Reactor Design’s synthesis section, it is possible to increase the temperature of the reactor contents during block-in. This is done by discharging a small amount of liquid from the pool reactor to the HP stripper. The stripgas that is generated in the stripper is discharged to the pool reactor, where condensation in the liquid takes place, increasing the temperature of the reactor contents. This is done intermittently, in order to maintain the temperature around 125°C.

Urea plant


Two main reasons

The only way this is achievable is because of two important reasons:

  • The layout of the synthesis with the Launch Melt™ Design Pool Reactor
  • The material of construction is Safurex® material.

There is no virgin CO₂ added, so no oxygen is supplied to the synthesis. This requires a material that is not prone to active corrosion, such as Safurex®.

The hassle-free one month block has been achieved through Stamicarbon’s Pool Reactor Design with Safurex® synthesis and sets a new standard for the urea plant operations.

Stamicarbon will continue to strive to develop products and services that offer their clients optimal plant performance.

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