Stamicarbon signs a technological partnership agreement with Sprana Ltd.

On January 17th, 2022, Stamicarbon CEO Pejman Djavdan, VP Services Henri Smolenaers and Sprana CEO Raimundas Steponavičius signed the technological cooperation agreement to co-develop Process Analytic Technology (PAT) solutions for Nitrogen Industry processes.

Cooperation between the leading urea licensor from the Netherlands and the near-infrared (NIR) applied spectroscopy experts from Lithuania will bring Industry 4.0 innovations into the nitrogen fertilizer industry and, in particular, the urea process.

Process Analytic Technology provides the ability to optimize fertilizer production processes with digitization and real-time process monitoring techniques, such as the Stami Digital Process Monitor (SDPM). The PAT with SDPM will allow plant operators to optimize the production process in the most efficient and reliable way. 

Stamicarbon's digital solutions

The first developments will focus on the on-line analysis of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)/AdBlue® and urea solution. These best-in-market Quality Assurance instruments will allow nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing organizations to reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and feedstock consumption to improve OPEX. 

About Sprana

Sprana is a deep-tech company in applied molecular spectroscopy (UV-Vis-NIR-MIR), providing Process Analytical Technology (PAT) solutions for on-line/in-line/at-line monitoring and analysis of industrial processes from Lithuania, with headquarters in Vilnius. Research and development of new analytical instrumentation and solutions and multivariate calibration is integral to Sprana’s business.

Stamicarbon and Sprana will participate in CRU Nitrogen+Syngas 2022 Europe on March 28-30th in Berlin, Germany. For more information about the development of these new PAT Process analyzers and their benefits for your UAN plant process control, please visit Stamicarbon’s booth No.24 and Sprana’s booth No.50.

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