Also for Stamicarbon, this project is a strategic milestone, as it marks the re-entry after more than 40 years in the Indian market.

Stamicarbon will deliver the Process Design Package for a 3850 mtpd melt and prilling plant. The urea melt plant will feature Stamicarbon’s Pool Condenser design and the complete synthesis section will be carried out in Safurex® stainless steel.

The commissioning of the plant is expected in 2023.

The role of fertilizers, especially urea, is paramount for meeting the growing food requirements of India. The Indian government is putting great efforts in increasing the availability of domestically produced urea and therefore has started the revival of several closed units. The erstwhile urea facility of Fertilizer Corporation of India (FCIL) in Talcher is one of them. A new JV company Talcher Fertilizers Limited is formed which will own the new ammonia and urea production facility in Talcher. This project will improve India's self-sufficiency in urea production, promote agriculture growth and increase the reliability of urea availability to farmers of Odisha in particular and India in general.

New urea plant for Talcher

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