Sittard, The Netherlands,  Stamicarbon, the innovation and license company of Maire Tecnimont Group, and JSC Acron, one of the major Russian fertilizers producers have signed contracts for the licensing of technology and the delivery of proprietary equipment for a grass root urea granulation plant. The granulation plant is going to be built in Velikiy Novgorod, Russia. 

The plant with a capacity of 2000 mtpd is going to use Stamicarbon's latest granulation technology entailing both investment and operating costs savings and meeting the environmental requirements. The core of this granulation design is the Stamicarbon proprietary granulator. 
The key to the success of this technology are the film spraying nozzles, which result in a better quality end-product because the granules are built up layer by layer. Before a new layer of liquid melt is applied on the seed particle, the layer on the particle is completely solidified. Due to the characteristics of the film spraying nozzle, the granulation process results in an end product with excellent quality and properties. 
Compared to other fluidized bed granulation processes, considerable OPEX savings are achieved due to a reduced formaldehyde content in the final product and the low dust formation, which results in an operation time of 3 months on average, without any interruption for cleaning.
"Addressing the market challenges, Acron has decided to expand its product portfolio by including granulated urea which is popular among clients. Cooperation with Stamicarbon, the technology leader in the industry, ensures us advanced technologies for manufacturing top-quality product", noted Alexander Popov, Chairman of Acron's Board of Directors.

Stamicarbon BV

Stamicarbon, headquartered in The Netherlands, is a global leader in the design and project development of chemical plants and licensing of technologies as well as a supplier of high-end equipment and services for the petrochemical industry. This leading position is based on 70 years of experience in licensing and is maintained by its continuous innovations in technologies, products and materials. A pioneering company specialized in the fertilizer industry with a vision to help enable the world to feed itself and improve quality of life. It has licensed more than 250 urea plants and realized more than 100 revamping and optimization projects. Part of the Maire Tecnimont Group, the Stamicarbon headquarters is in Sittard, The Netherlands with a sales office in USA and representative offices in Russia and China.

Acron Group

Acron Group is one of the leading vertically integrated mineral fertilizer producers in Russia and worldwide. The Group has two chemical plants and phosphate mine in Russia and develops potash deposits in Russia and Canada. For more information: