Social projects

Water-is-Life project

By winning the first Stamicarbon Ideas-to-Reality Challenge, the project team 'Water is Life' gave the Kumi Hospital Foundation received a wonderful gift at the end of 2015: a cheque of €10.000,- for the purchase of a new centrifugal pump. This pump can provide in a reliable and regular water supply for the hospital, farm and people in Kumi, Uganda.

On the December 15, Pejman Djavdan signed the check and handed it to the project team.

Since the farm manager Ouke Dijkstra from Uganda was in The Netherlands for a short period of time, and therefore able to collect the cheque from Stamicarbon. He is very excited about the award and the opportunity to really make a difference, with a practical and sustainable solution for the daily water problem.

Ouke started the process for the purchase of the centrifugal pump once he was back in Uganda. The pump is bought in Uganda, taking into account the necessary requirements and maintenance expertise with regards to the local circumstances.