Stamicarbon's LAUNCH™ series is a group of technologies, products and services that ensure an effective design and optimal development of a new urea plant. 

From the moment you start to investigate the possibilities of building a urea plant, there are several economic and technical choices to be considered. Stamicarbon will support you in this orientation phase and will be your partner throughout the whole journey of process design, project management through to plant start-up.

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Melt Technologies

Our CO stripping process designs that simplifies the plant's overall design

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pool reactor

LAUNCH MELT™ Pool Condenser & Pool Reactor Design

Our CO₂ stripping process designs that simplifies the plant's overall design.


LAUNCH MELT™ Ultra Low Energy Design

A unique urea plant concept combining optimized CAPEX and the lowest energy consumption to date.

By applying years of experience, using industrially proven elements, Stamicarbon was able to create an ultra low energy plant, whilst still retaining the reliability and operability aspects our custom

ers have come to know. Whilst working on the low energy design, our engineers paid special attention to limit the additional CAPEX expenses that are usually associated with such a design. In fact, the Ultra Low Energy Design results in overall reduction in the investment costs of the urea section.

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Finishing technologies

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Launch Finish

LAUNCH FINISH™ Granulation Design

Our Granulation Design that produces Producing tailor-made urea granules of the highest possible quality.

Stamicarbon's fluid-bed granulation technology answers all of the above needs. It has been selected over 15 times for commercial scale plants, with capacities exceeding 3500 mtpd, since its introducti

on less than 10 years ago. The plants using this technology are operating at, or above, their original design capacity, and are producing superior products complying with all required product quality standards. The key of the success of the Stamicarbon urea granulation technology is the film spraying characteristic of the nozzles. Film spraying requires a minimum amount of formaldehyde. Furthermore, Stamicarbon offers seamless integration between the granulation plant and the urea melt and scrubbing technologies.

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Stamicarbon simplified granulation design.

Launch Finish

LAUNCH FINISH™ Pastillation Design

Our Pastillation Design that produces premium-quality pastilles at low investment cost, low operating cost and with minimum emissions.

Launch Finish

LAUNCH FINISH™ Prilling Design

The most cost-effective finishing solution for producing solid urea.

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A fully-optimized urea plant has an extended life, increased output and optimized energy-efficiency, conforms to the highest safety standards and exceeds environmental regulations. Our ADVANCE™ series gives you a choice of product and service options for increased optimal plant performance.

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Our EVOLVE™ series provides you with the technology and solutions to upgrade your aging plant to the next level, once changes in circumstances require this. The EVOLVE™ series ensures your aging plant complies with changes in legislation and stays competitive by adapting to changes in market conditions. Our EVOLVE™ series includes products and services such as plant assessments, revamp studies, process design and debottlenecking.

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Stamicarbon is specialized in state-of-the-art tailor-made fertilizer plants. For more information on tailor-made fertilizer designs please contact us by e-mail.