At Stamicarbon, I am participating in the development of the Green Ammonia technology, which aims to help reduce the carbon footprint of fertilizer production by using renewable electrical energy sources. Stamicarbon is delivering the ammonia reactor for the INITIATE project, where off-gases from steel mills will be used for ammonia synthesis. The reactor is at the heart of the pilot plant, and I’m applying my previous experience from my technical studies and internships at different workshops to help develop this equipment. 

We start with a blank sheet of paper, and it eventually has to contain the complete mechanical details of an ammonia reactor. It requires a lot of creativity. Here at Stamicarbon, there is a lot of collaborative, creative work, research, and development… I always found this to be the best part of engineering, so I’m glad I’ve found it here. 

“It’s a great opportunity for students to have an internship in such a pioneering, innovative company”

Bas Meerten

I’ve had eight years of technical studies, and I still look at the fertilizer plants thinking: “How do you build something like that?” And now I am working at the company that is the architect, the actual beginning of those plants. 

One of the most exciting aspects of my internship is knowing that a design decision that I came up with might be used in the project. Then based on our design the reactor will be built, put into commission and run for several years. That actually gives me the most satisfaction, and I think everyone would agree that it’s one of the most exciting things about a career in engineering. 

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