"A mission to enable the world to feed itself – just this statement inspires me every day"

On the first day of training, my mentor showed me the mission of Stamicarbon, a mission to enable the world to feed itself – just this statement inspires me every day. It drives me to work harder in finding solutions that can make a better world and environment, and that motivates me.

We want to make more efficient fertilizers and enhance existing fertilizers, making them more sustainable. Existing fertilizer technologies are either not enough to meet the demands of the growing population or the changing environmental regulations, so we are working on entirely new ideas. I think it’s exciting to innovate and be creative, and I always learn new things because I want to make sure I’m up to date with new technologies and methods used in the industry. 

"When you have the best talent, you have several challenging opportunities"

When I started researching Stamicarbon, I quickly discovered that it is a big name in the fertilizer industry and a market leader. When you are a market leader, you attract the best talent and have several challenging opportunities. I wanted to be a part of that, to learn and grow within the company.

It’s also a very international group. I enjoy that because I can relate to so many things with so many people when they share stories of how it is to live in a foreign country. It also gives me a different perspective in terms of problem-solving. When I interact with people from a different culture, it helps me to look at problems differently and solve them in a different way.

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Madhu Ezhilan