Stamicarbon recognizes the creation of a productive, human workplace as one of its highest priorities, contributing to culture sensitivity, sustainable development and therefore human evolution. Our goal is to promote continual improvement of our organization through education, training and communication - an ethos shared by all our employees.

This Social Accountability Policy was established to fulfil our social obligation to provide a fair and humane working environment for everyone. The social accountability system is to be considered both as an integral part of our business and as a key element of management.

In pursuing its activities, Stamicarbon is committed to developing increasing awareness, competence and control in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as to respecting the agreed international labor criteria and their local interpretation.

Stamicarbon management commits itself to accomplish perceived social obligation by taking all appropriate measures to meet and - wherever possible - to exceed requirements addressed by the International Standard SA 8000. The organization will therefore:

  • not engage in child labor
  • not engage in forced and compulsory labor
  • provide a healthy and safe workplace
  • respect freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
  • not engage in or support discrimination
  • minimize any disciplinary practices
  • agree on sustainable levels of working hours
  • ensure proper remuneration
  • actuate an overall management system aimed at continuous improvement

Executive management will review the adequacy, suitability and effectiveness of the company's SA 8000 policy at least once a year.

Wherever Stamicarbon has control or influence, including operations with contractors, we will improve our Social Accountability management system through periodical verification of specific results and overall actuation.

We believe that by complying with this policy as well as with our customers' and stakeholders' cultures, we will ultimately contribute to enhancing the standard of life of our employees, our contractors and our society in general.

Pejman Djavdan