Stamicarbon's goal is to foster a productive, human working environment and promote continual improvement of our organization through education, training and communication. Social Accountability is an integral part of our business and our commitment to developing increasing awareness and competence, contributing to culture sensitivity, sustainable development and therefore human evolution. 

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Social Projects

Sundarban Mangrove Project

The project will help protect agricultural lands from damage by cyclones and high tides, prevent soil erosion, control pollution, reduce CO2 and improve the livelihood of approximately 1,460 villagers.

Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award

The Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award is an incentive prize for sustainability pioneers, inspired by the legacy of Dutch adventurer and polar explorer Marc Cornelissen (1968-2015). Stamicarbon is proud to support this award, that accelerates breakthrough ideas and the talented people behind them.

Water is Life Project

The Water Is Life project is a project which involved buying Kumi hospital and the surrounding agricultural lands a centrifugal water pump. It has been of immense benefit to the community as it has provided a source of clean and potable water.