The Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award is an incentive prize for sustainability pioneers, inspired by the legacy of Marc Cornelissen (1968-2015). In 2020, Stamicarbon announced a multi-year sponsor partnership with the Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award. As an innovation company we know that the road to innovation can often be bumpy or subject to deviations. Stamicarbon is proud to support this award, that accelerates breakthrough ideas and the talented people behind them.

Who was Marc Cornelissen?
Marc Cornelissen (1968 - 2015) was a Dutch adventurer and polar explorer. He reached both the North and South Pole on his own. He died in 2015 on an expedition in the Canadian Arctic.

Marc Cornelissen
Marc Cornelissen

Award winners

2021: Vertoro

Vertoro, a start-up which has been located at the Chemelot campus since last year. The company is testing the conversion of wood residue, agricultural products and paper waste into lignin at a pilot plant at Brightlands Chemelot Campus. The resulting liquid can serve as a replacement for polluting diesel fuel in ship’s engines and as a raw material for naphtha crackers instead of fossil fuels.

2022: Cooloo

Cooloo is the winner of the 2022 edition of the Marc Cornelissen Brightlands award. It’s a radical startup at the forefront of creating innovations from recyclable materials and products. Their approach focuses on unique ways to turn Europe’s 11 billion annual waste into material used to manufacture furniture. Cooloo’s vision is that art, design, and industrial solutions can be created within a sustainable and circular economy. Their product lines are divided into Classic and Cooloo. The classic product uses up to 75% waste in a conventional refurbishment, while the Cooloo endless life product comprises 60% recycled materials.