27 February 2024 09:00 29 February 2024 17:00

1113 Nile Corniche, Ismailia El Nil



Stamicarbon attendees:
Stephen Zwart
Henri Smolenaers
Pejman Djavdan
David Franz
Stamicarbon presenters:
David Franz
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We are thrilled to announce that the 30th AFA Int’l Fertilizer Annual Conference and Exhibition are scheduled to be held during the period 27-29 of February 2024, at the Nile Ritz Carlton, Cairo, Egypt.

The importance of the Arab region is set to increase in the future by the ongoing concentration on the food security issue, Agriculture sector productivity, and a more sustainable environment. Based on the success of the previous Annual events, AFA Conference is expected to attract nearly a range of 1000 visitors and attendees.

From the “fertilizers” industry as regional stakeholders, producers, distributors, traders as well as the industry decision-makers, and various delegates from the Middle East, Africa, Europe, North and South America, and Asia; therefore, it represents one of the unique worldwide networking gatherings of its genre. We at AFA will be pleased by your attendance and to take a part in this unique Conference.