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ADIPEC 2024 will channel a wealth of perspectives and approaches to inspire solutions for the lower-carbon, high-growth future of energy. It will facilitate conversations crucial for securing the cleaner, more affordable and more reliable energy the world needs.

Importantly, ADIPEC 2023 will bring together leaders from across the energy ecosystem and beyond to drive the inspirational and disruptive thinking needed to tackle the world’s most pressing climate and energy challenges.

Over four days of informed debate, where knowledge and ideas are exchanged and business conducted, ADIPEC 2023 will mobilize the experience, expertise and resources of a responsible energy industry to advance credible solutions toward sustainable economic progress.

Taking place shortly before COP28, ADIPEC 2023 will connect the policy, people, technology and capital needed to accelerate the next phase of the energy transition; bringing together diverse stakeholders in a forum that will quicken collective action to decarbonize faster, future-proof sooner and create the energy system of the future, today.