Another yearly order of ADVANCE COAT™ Prill Strength signed with a Chinese client

Last year, Stamicarbon signed the first one-year supply agreement with a client in China for ADVANCE COAT™ Prill Strength, Stamicarbon’s coating composition solution for strengthening urea prill stability. Satisfied with the good anti-caking performance of ADVANCE COAT™, the client has recently signed another one-year contract with Stamicarbon.

“We are very satisfied with the anti-caking performance of ADVANCE COAT™ and with the product quality of each delivery. We are happy to continue the cooperation with Stamicarbon and hope that Stamicarbon can continue delivering high-quality products,” the client commented. 


About ADVANCE COAT™ Prill Strength

Easily applied as an additive coating, ADVANCE COAT™ increases the quality and moisture resistance of urea prills, which dramatically improves their handling and storage properties. Its water-soluble components make it more sustainable than many organic solvent-based alternative coatings. On top of that, application of ADVANCE COAT™ eliminates the need for addition of urea formaldehyde, maintaining the quality of urea prills in a way that is cost-effective, safe and crop-friendly. 

“We are excited to see clients in China embracing the benefits of ADVANCE COAT™ for strengthening urea prills. Several other clients have ordered or tested the product, and with such good performance and another yearly order as a reference, we expect to have more sales of ADVANCE COAT™ in China in the future,” said Shengmei Zhu, Sales & Solutions Manager at Stamicarbon.